Social Psychology in Civil Safety Research

University of Wuppertal

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... to the "Social Psychology in Civil Safety Research" lab!

We investigate the experiences and behaviors of pedestrians in large crowds, such as those that occur at train stations, in city centers or at major events. The movement of crowds is influenced by processes of communication and coordination as well as perceived affiliation, anonymity, and familiarity, operating at both collective and individual levels. To better understand these socio-psychological mechanisms, we use various data and methods: laboratory experiments with large groups or crowds, qualitative interviews, field observations, and archival data analysis to reconstruct crowd-related incidents. The aims of our research are to increase the safety and resilience of crowds and to promote pedestrian mobility.

As part of the Jülich Model, Prof. Dr. Anna Sieben combines her professorship at BUW with the "Pedestrian Dynamics - Social Psychology" division at Forschungszentrum Jülich (IAS-7). This collaboration enables a close relationship between psychological research and physical, mathematical and computer science approaches in the field of collective dynamics.

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